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Why Cashmere?

Why Cashmere?

       Cashmere has long been revered for its unique qualities and benefits that most other materials cannot match. Lightweight and soft, yet strong and durable, it’s precious enough to give as a gift, but practical enough for everyday use.

       Garments made from cashmere, for one, provide excellent insulation. It’s enough to keep a baby warm on a cool night, but also breathable enough to use when the temperature begins to rise. Its lightweight, yet strong texture makes it appropriate for all climates, ideal for year-round use.

      For children who suffer from sensitive skin, it’s not only a welcomed texture that won’t cause irritation the same way coarser wool can, but it’s also hypoallergenic. Even for those who are affected by irritating skin conditions, such as eczema, that can be aggravated by sweating, it can provide the relief they need that other materials simply can’t.

       As a gift, cashmere cannot be beaten. Both unique and personal, it’s not something you’ll find just anywhere. Whether to celebrate a new baby, a birthday or another special occasion, your gift will stand out from the rest. New parents will not only love it as their baby's first taste of simple luxury, but it will last generations and can be passed down as a keepsake for years of memories and special meaning.

       Cashmere is a practical investment and if it’s looked after and cared for, it can last a lifetime. If washed correctly, colors won’t fade. Its durability ensures that it maintains its shape, doesn’t wrinkle or crease when traveling and rarely pills. It’s the perfect material for children to play in and you can be sure it will survive nearly anything.

       Above all, cashmere is comfortable. A cashmere sweater is a simple and satisfying way to dress your child up for any event that calls for a fancier dress code. You’ll love the way they look and they’ll love the way it feels.