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Our Mission

Our Mission

What We Stand For

       At Gia John, our mission is to create and provide quality cashmere garments that are both unique and affordable to all families. By sharing our passion for design and creativity, it’s our goal and our hope to encourage others to do the same and inspire a new generation’s love of art.

       After immigrating to New York City from Eastern Europe, the change was at first intimidating and overwhelming. It was art, however, that made the world a more inviting place and a sanctuary that made us feel at home. Art gave us purpose in life and the confidence to believe that anything was possible. Looking back at a lifetime of high achievements in art and design, we are so grateful for the opportunities and incredible experiences that art education has given us. Without the foundation we received, we would not be where we are now.

       Because art education gave us so much, we are committed to giving back and providing others with the same opportunities. As proponents and advocates for the arts, we take pride in our commitment to promote fine and visual arts to all children. Through the charity, fundraising and volunteer work we do with children in our local community, our hope is to share our brand's core values and beliefs with others.

       We do this in a number of ways. From donating our time to chaperone museum trips with children and their families to creating free tutorials on Youtube that teach children to draw, we also fundraise for privately owned art schools in the Brooklyn area. By sharing information on various social media platforms about art events and advice for parents about how to get their children more involved, we aim to bring communities together and help foster their love and interest in art and design.