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Cashmere is one of the world’s most luxurious and soft natural fibers. All the cashmere used in a Gia John Cashmere garment comes from Inner Mongolia, a province in the north of China, and the principal source of the world’s finest qualities of raw pure white cashmere fiber.

Every Gia John‘s Cashmere is the result of a combination of the most modern technology in the processing, spinning and knitting of the fiber and yarns, balanced with traditional hand knitting and hand finishing skills, and an individual care and attention to ensure that every Gia John's Cashmere is nothing short of finest quality we can achieve.

And so, caring for your cashmere correctly is essential to maintaining your garment’s continued soft hand feel, luxurious quality and appearance. This starts with taking care when putting on or taking off your sweater not to overstretch the neck opening or any delicate seam, which could cause the yarn to break.

Cashmere is best hand washed by following these simple care instructions, otherwise you can also dry clean the garment, but we recommend you take the time to carefully hand wash your garment for the very best results.

Our garments can be hand washed or dry clean. Please see care label for care instructions. 


Wash each garment individually in cool, tepid water.  Use only a very small peanut size amount of baby Shampoo, or any other high quality mild and low acidity shampoo. Do not use any bleach or harsh detergents, as this will remove the natural oils in the cashmere fiber, and so cause the garment to become harsh and brittle. 

Gently and as quickly as possible squeeze the garment in the soapy water, but avoid rubbing or wringing the garment in this process, and do not let the garment soak in the water.

Then repeatedly rinse the garment in cool water until the water appears clean and clear of any soap. Gently squeeze out the excess water, but again do not wring. 

You can place the garment flat onto a clean dry towel, and then roll it up in the towel applying pressure to squeeze out the excess water. 

To dry, place the sweater flat on another clean and dry towel, pulling the garment into the desired shape and fit.  Make sure all the ribs and cuffs dry closed and tight together by gently pulling on these to close up the knitted ribs. Turn the garment over to dry on both sides.

Always dry in an airy place away from direct sunlight and away from radiators or any direct heat.

Once thoroughly dry, you can if you wish gently tumble the sweater at a low temperature in your dryer to make the fibers “bloom” and have a more lofty appearance and hand feel. To do this, turn the garment inside out and put it inside a pillowcase or lingerie wash bag, and tumble for a short time. 

When dry, pick off any pills or yarn balls, and then gently steam the garment to your desired shape.  Steaming will lift the top surface, but make sure not to directly iron and press the sweater, which could scorch the surface, and always steam through a clean cotton cloth to protect the sweater.

After pressing leave the sweater in an airy place to dry and cool.  Fold flat, preferably with just one fold and store, and never hang your sweater.

 If you do decide to dry clean your sweater, ensure that the dry cleaner is experienced with cleaning cashmere and fine fabrics, and always tell them the sweater is cashmere.