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About Gia John

About Gia John

       Gia John is a creative knitwear company that specializes in the design and production of pure cashmere baby and toddler clothing, accessories, and gifts. Based in New York, we’re inspired by the cultural and artistic diversity of the city. Featuring a stylish mix of fun and whimsy with a dynamic, modern touch, it’s ultimately quality that serves as the common thread that runs throughout our entire collection.

       At Gia John, our goal is simple: provide high-quality and affordable cashmere goods for babies and toddlers that break the mould. To achieve this, we use only the finest and most exceptional pure cashmere fiber available. This high-quality material allows us to provide an incredibly soft and warm feeling throughout our collection; a difference you will see and appreciate the moment you feel our products.

       The premium cashmere we use also has the advantage of absorbing dyes especially well, making it easier to maintain its condition and vibrant, bold aesthetic. Our collection is fun, daring and contemporary and features an array of colorful designs, patterns and charming graphics that stand out in a sea of pinks and blues, so often overused by other brands. Our unique spin on timeless classics takes traditional knitwear outside the box and offers striking and distinct designs and visuals that are sure to catch your eye. It’s these characteristics that set us apart from other brands on the market.

       At the core of what we do and our biggest inspiration are the children. While committed to producing quality goods at the highest standards, we also strive to provide them affordable to more families. We do this by acquiring exceptional luxury materials and setting a reasonable selling price, typically lower than the common retail markup. In this way, we can create unique and interesting pieces without sacrificing quality or artistic integrity and effectively pass the value onto our customers. Gia John’s line of cashmere goods is truly luxury made affordable.

       At Gia John, we aim to create clothing and accessories that are not only beautiful and stylish but well­ made with the care and attention they deserve. Our high standard of quality is greatly important to us and helps to solidify our belief that outstanding products can also be affordable. It’s our hope that our products stimulate children’s imaginations and ultimately encourage their curiosity and love for art.