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About Our Cashmere

About Our Cashmere

       Never one to be tied down to the typical retail model of selling cheaply made products at a high markup, Gia John uses only the finest cashmere wool to create its luxurious, yet affordable collection.

       We begin by selecting the highest quality fiber hailing from Northern China and Mongolia, home of the world’s finest cashmere. The sources of the fiber are Inner Mongolian goats who naturally produce a fine undercoat of hair that ultimately gives cashmere clothing its soft, yet strong texture. During molting season, typically between April and May of each year, the cashmere fiber is collected. At this time, the goats begin to naturally shed their winter coats, allowing for it to be gathered easily and humanely. At the time of collection, a single goat can produce about 250g of cashmere fiber. However, after coarse hair and impurities are removed, only about 100g is left. It takes the hair of four goats to make a single sweater; a relatively high number when compared to the single goat it takes for regular or merino wool. Because of the select number of goats used, this high-quality cashmere is even more valuable on today’s market.

       Once the cashmere is acquired, it is then sent to our factory to be separated, cleaned, and to undergo a strict quality inspection. Only when all of these steps have been completed and our strict standards have been met will the fiber be delivered to the spinning factory, ready to begin production on our designs.

       At the factory, the most advanced Italian equipment and technology is used. At this point in the process, it’s the factory technicians who are the artisans and experts in this intricate and sophisticated craft. The high value of cashmere as a precious material can also be tied back to this process, one that is both tedious and difficult and establishes its relatively high price.

       We’re able, however, to offer exclusivity and incredible value for the money in comparison to larger companies. Stocking our products in lower quantities allows us to make each one unique, with care and attention to detail that is unmatched by any other.