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One of kind Children's Luxury boutique at Bergdorf Goodman!

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Bergdorf Goodman is one of my favorite luxury goods department stores in New York City. As a designer and founder of Gia John Cashmere, it’s a great privilege and advantage for a creative professional, like myself, to be living in close proximity to such a store. It’s an amazing source of inspiration!

I often think of Bergdorf Goodman as a museum of fashion, where exhibitions (in this case, designer collections and window displays) are changed seasonally, giving me the opportunity to observe the work of the greatest designers of our time.

It’s not only the assortment selection that sets Bergdorf Goodman apart from all other high-end stores in NYC. The store is definitely setting the highest standards for customer experience. The storefront window displays are set of visual stories, that display latest fashion trends. Not a single detail is ever overlooked. This is a great place to get a sense of what is in style! People don’t just shop here, they take home memories.

Bergdorf Goodman was founded in 1899 and is located in Midtown Manhattan, one of the most desirable retail real estate zones in the city. Situated next to the magnificent Pulitzer Pomona Fountain at the Grand Army Plaza on Fifth Avenue, the location itself is an attraction. The company works through two separate department stores, one for men and one for women, across the street from one another. 

The minute you enter its doors, you can feel the over the top, luxury energy of this place.  Inside the store each designer's collection has its own individual boutique space. They all feel and look different from each other, representing each designer's unique vision and brand's lifestyle. Creating the lifestyle for a fashion brand in today's compatative retail world is essentail for the collection to be successful. Though good quality product and design always of high importance to designers success, identifying brand's image and core values of what it stands for - is the key to its longevity and long term survival. 

That's where stores like Bergdorf Goodman is a huge help in creating this specific  environment, that would help costumers experience brand's lifestyle that they are aspire to have. This type of marketing makes us believe we are not just buying a product, we are buying a lifestyle that comes with it. 

The children’s designer collections are located on the 7th floor, conveniently next to the home department and a restaurant. The way it’s set up and designed makes it feel more like a someone's home rather than a store. I have a reason to believe that the children's and home departments and the restaurant were specifically placed next to one another. Tucked away on a top floor, it clearly reflects the extravagant lifestyle of a customer who shops at Bergdorf Goodman. The store perfectly recreates one family's lifestyle: what their home might look like, how they might dress themselves and their children. 

The crystal chandelier hanging over the dining room table, with sophisticated white dinnerware set, candleholders and napkins on it. Everything is so perfect and ready for the family's get together or any other celebration. As you move from room to room you reach a long corridor, which also serves as a shopping area for Gucci’s children’s wear collection. The corridor feels more like a closet space with shelves and hanging rods on each side of the wall, displaying the most modern and trendy of children’s wear. There’s also an open vintage trunk full of Gucci's baby knitted cashmere rompers and other little cute outfits. It looks like this baby is traveling in style! This collection is so much fun - a clear reflection of Gucci’s adult line, with whimsical graphics and quirky patches on very delicate materials and unexpected color combinations. This brand is breaking all the rules, which makes it look so different from other more traditional collections. No wonder it’s the first thing you see when you enter. It’s sure to catch anyone’s eye. 

The Gucci's shopping area is a clear example of how Bergdorf Goodman is able to keep it up to date without loosing its sophisticated classic style, that this store is so well known for. What a great mix and contrast of classic traditions and modern designs. 

Another thing that catches the eye are the life-size children mannequins dressed in the latest designer fashions. The mannequins have bunny faces and ears, too, how cute and unexpected! There’s also an oversized mock up of a blue feathered stork bird standing in the middle of room. The bird is caring a baby doll on its back. Of course she is too dressed in a most beautiful designer gown, ready to be transported into some magical world. The sight easily takes you to all surreal Alice-in-Wonderland world, where characters come alive and everything has a fairy tale element to it.

Bergdorf Goodman is truly a one-of-a-kind store with one-of-a-kind experiences! If you ever find yourself in New York, their department stores are a must-see!

I have included photos and videos of the unique shop in this blog. Please feel free to comment! I would love to know what you think about it?

Thank you 


Elena Roizis - Founder of Gia John Inc.

Gucci infant knit Rompers - Children's wear collection at Bergdorf Goodman

Gucci Appliqué Lace dress

Burberry - Luxury Children's wear collection at Bergdorf Goodman 

Newly arrived dresses for girls from O'scar De La Renta Luxury Children's wear collection at Bergdorf Goodman. These stunning, limited edition pieces are about to be hanged. Love the beautiful Spring Floral prints, watercolor Ikats and all the frills and feather trims that many designers choose as embellishment of the season.



 Mischika Aoka - Luxury Children's wear collection of dresses at Bergdorf Goodman 

 Mischika Aoka - Luxury Children's wear collection of dresses at Bergdorf Goodman 



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