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Mini Me Collection Spring / Summer 2017 by Sonia Rykiel

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The Enfant Rykiel Mini Me Collection


Ever since 1983, the Enfant Rykiel label has consistently made practical and well-made knitwear available for the children of women who enjoy wearing the similar garments that make up the Sonia Rykiel women's wear collections.
The French fashion icon Sonia Rykiel burst onto the Parisian scene in 1962, initially with her iconoclastic "poor boy" sweater. With its stripes, colors, and trademark knit style with its game-changing backward stitch, Rykiel's poor boy transformed the knitted sweater from purely utilitarian and grandmotherly garb into a sleek and stylish top for the every woman.
This sweater unexpectedly turned the world of fashion on its head, and before long Sonia Rykiel had her first boutique on the left-hand side bank of Paris' Rue de Grenelle that would expand into a leading fashion house. She was also proclaimed the "Queen of Knits" on the other side of the Atlantic by the then very influential American magazine Women's Wear Daily.
Two decades later and now fully established, Sonia Rykiel's daughter Nathalie launched the children's clothing line 'Rykiel Enfant' in 1983. At the time the younger Rykiel was pregnant with her first child and was unable to find any kids clothes that she liked. Thus, the idea for Rykiel Enfant was born.
Fast forward again nearly a quarter of a century and this gorgeous new Mini-Me collection from Rykiel Enfant features the same classic, comfortable, and form-fitting knitwear that anything bearing the Rykiel label has always been known for. What makes it fun for kids are all the rhinestones, lace, stripes, text, and exposed seams. The result are clothes that kids love wearing that not only look great but are also extremely well made and durable. You can expect to be able to hand down these clothes to friends and family members with young kids for years and years to come.


Mini Me Collection Spring / Summer 2017


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